IPViking map – real-time visualization of cyber attacks

This is a cool real-time visualization of cyber attacks that is happening right. Ok it’s not exactly monitoring the entire Internet. The attacks shown are based on honeypots set up by the company Norse. They claimed to “emulate over 5m users, severs, infrastructures on the Internet” in various countries and the visualization is only based on a small subset of the live flows. I guess this can be taken to mean the real number of attacks is much larger and probably won’t run as smoothly on a web-powered application in real-time. It is still quite impressive and can be strangely mesmerizing to watch.

Incidentally, the application is powered by D3 and it runs best on Chrome.

IPViking map: Cybercrime hunting just got real-time – Real Business:

Unsurprisingly, IPViking has been likened with 1983 movie WarGames starring Matthew Broderick and Introversion’s classic game called Defcon. It’s true, the map is simply astonishing to behold – and slightly unnerving – when activity starts happening.